Uppåkrastudier 10

PREFACE Lars Larsson & Karl-Magnus Lenntorp The Enigmatic House. Birgitta Hårdh The Metal Beaker with Embossed Foil Bands. Lena Grandin How and where was the beaker from Uppåkra made? Some indications from chemical analyses. Berta Stjernquist A Magnificent Glass Bowl from Uppåkra. Berta Stjernquist A Glass Beaker with Cut Decoration, Found at Uppåkra. Margrethe Watt The Gold-Figure Foils (“Guldgubbar”) from Uppåkra. Bertil Helgesson Tributes to be Spoken of Sacrifice and Warriors at Uppåkra.

continuity for centuries. a ceremonial building and its context at uppåkra, southern sweden.

Sidansvarig: mats.roslundark.luse | 2017-12-13