Uppåkrastudier 6

PREFACE Lotte Hedeager Scandinavian ‘Central Places’ in a Cosmological Setting. Lars Larsson Uppåkra – Research on a Central Place. Recent Excavations and Results. Bertil Helgesson Uppåkra in the 5th to 7th Centuries. The Transformation of a Central Place and its Hinterland. Birgitta Hårdh Uppåkra in the Migration and Merovingian Periods. Alexandra Pesch Uppåkra im Licht der Formular-Familien der völkerwanderungs- zeitlichen Goldbrakteaten. Karl Hauck Neues aus Uppåkra bei Lund, Südschweden. Zur Ikonographie der Goldbrakteaten, LXIV. Berta Stjernquist A Tall Iron Age Lady with Magnificent Jewellery. Påvel Nicklasson Central places in a peripheral area or peripheral places in a central area – a discussion of centrality in Halland. Johan Callmer North-European trading centres and the Early Medieval craftsman. Craftsmen at Åhus, north-eastern Scania, Sweden ca. AD 750-850+. Eva Hjärthner-Holdar, Kristina Lamm and Bente Magnus Metalworking and Central Places. Per Ole Rindel Regional Settlement Patterns and Central Places on Late Iron Age Zealand, Denmark. Jens N. Nielsen Bejsebakken, a central site near Aalborg in Northern Jutland. Jutta Waller Published and unpublished moulds at Helgö – a brief overview. Bergljot Solberg Courtyard Sites north of the Polar Circle – Reflections of Power in the Late Roman and Migration Period. Hauke Jöns Eisenzeitliche und frühmittelalterliche Reichtumszentren, Zentral- und Handelsplätze an der südlichen Ostseeküste. Martin Segschneider Trade and centrality between the Rhine and the Limfjord around 500 AD. The beach market on the Northfrisian island Amrum and its context. Laurent Verslype Rural-urban dynamics and central places in the Scheldt and the Meuse Region between the 5th and the 9th centuries. Lyn Blackmore The Origins and Growth of Lundenwic, a Mart of many Nations. Christopher Scull Ipswich: Development and contexts of an urban precursor in the seventh century. Nick Stoodley The origins of Hamwic and its central role in the seventh century as revealed by recent archaeological discoveries. Katharina Ulmschneider Central Places and Metal-Detector Finds: What are the English ’Productive Sites’? Howard Williams Cemeteries as Central Places –Place and Identity in Migration Period Eastern England.

Central Places in the Migration and Merovingian Periods. Papers from the 52nd Sachsen Symposium.

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