Uppåkrastudier 7


  • Lars Larsson, The Uppåkra Project. Preconditions, Performance and Prospects.
  • Birgitta Hårdh The Contacts of the Central Place.
  • Berta Stjernquist, Detector Finds from Uppåkra as a Source of Information, illustrated by the Fibulae from the Early Iron Age.
  • Lena Nilsson, Animal Husbandry in Iron Age Uppåkra.
  • Mats Regnell, Charcoals from Uppåkra as Indicators of Leaf Fodder.
  • Ole Stilborg, Pottery as a Source of Structural Information – Internal Structure and External Contacts of Uppåkra 0–400 AD.
  • Mats Riddersporre, Large Farms and Ordinary Villages. Perspectives on Uppåkra.
  • Nils Björhem, The Development of Iron Age Construction in the Malmö Area.
  • Bo Friman and Lena Hector, An Early Iron Age Settlement at Hyllie. Preliminary Results of the Excavations.
  • Bengt Jacobsson, Trelleborg and the Southern Plain during the Iron Age. A Study of a Coastal Area in South-West Scania, Sweden.
  • Torbjörn Brorsson, The Slavonic Feldberg and Fresendorf Pottery in Scania, Sweden.
  • Tony Björk, Earth or Fire. Burial Customs as a Beginning in Exploring Regional Variations in Early Iron Age Scania.
  • Lennart Carlie, The Invisible Hierarchy. Manifestations in the Halland Iron Age as Indications of a Stratified Society.
  • Anna Lihammer, The Centrality of the Landscape. Elite Milieus in Eastern Blekinge during the Viking Age and Early Middle Ages.
  • Bengt Söderberg, Integrating Power. Some Aspects of a Magnate’s Farm and Presumed Central Place in Järrestad, South-East Scania.
  • Björn Magnusson, Staaf, Places in Our Minds. Transformation and Tradition in Early Iron Age Settlements.
  • Bertil Helgesson, Central Places and Regions in Scania during the Iron Age.
  • Johan Callmer, Wayland. An Essay on Craft Production in the Early and High Middle Ages in Scandinavia.
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